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Audio commentary: A tale of two styles: Growth versus value

Dec 14, 2020 | RBC Wealth Management


Sean Naughton hosts Ben Graham in a Q&A on growth and value in the aftermath of 2020.

Audio Commentary: A Tale of two styles: Growth versus valeu

Growth stocks are on track to close out their single biggest year in terms of outperforming value stocks since S&P started tracking the data. As a result, investors’ portfolio results are more likely than ever to most closely reflect their respective exposure to growth and value, with the former up 28% year to date and the latter actually down 3%.

This audio clip explores three questions. First, where are we and how did we get here? Second, how similar is today to the tech bubble for growth stocks? And finally, what’s a reasonable expectation going forward?

Listen here (approximately an 11:53 duration)