Our G360 process

The Garlock Group has developed and refined a process that helps our clients put all the pieces of their financial puzzle together. We like to think of our clients' goals as the picture on the puzzle box: no two of them are alike. That's why we built our G360 Process - to put all the pieces together and make the picture complete. 

  • Our process is comprehensive
    • We take a 360-degree view of our clients’ situations and closely monitor changes in the financial markets.
  • Our process is dynamic
    • As our clients' lives change, the process adapts.
  • Our process is disciplined
    • We hold ourselves to high standards of integrity and client service.

Our G360 Process is supported by the following seven pillars.

Garlock Group Pillars, in partnership with RBC Wealth Management:

  1. Investment Management
  2. Wealth Planning
  3. Risk Management and Insurance
  4. Tax Considerations
  5. Estate Planning Services
  6. Cash and Lending
  7. Philanthropic and Charitable Giving

Some of those pillars will be more applicable now and others will come into focus later. You will not outgrow our process, rather you grow into it as time goes on and critical life events occur.

For more information on our G360 Process and how it can benefit you please contact us today.

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