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Service and advice to affluent families and institutions

The Lambert Dickson Group of RBC Wealth Management is an interdisciplinary team of financial professionals who provide service and advice to affluent families and institutions. Many clients are concerned about protecting their wealth, growing it prudently and transferring it effectively to their family and the charitable causes they care about. As parents, many of our clients are also concerned about the impact their wealth will have on their children and grandchildren and want to prepare them to become good stewards of the family wealth. Similarly, organizational boards are fiduciaries who are responsible for the stewardship of the organization's assets. They want the assets well managed to support the needs of the organization in perpetuity. The Lambert Dickson Group asks questions, listens and then helps client’s develop plans and implement solutions to achieve their goals and give them peace of mind.

Global Insight: The year of the tariff

Markets have been re-introduced to volatility this year by way of a barrage of macro risks. Protectionism is one of the most cited culprits. RBC Global Asset Management’s chief economist looks at how the “year of the tariff” could play out.  Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

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