Some helpful reminders

We think it’s always good to be reminded of who we (you and us) are, what we think and what we do. And maybe more importantly, what we don’t do.  Far too many people in the world don’t understand or ignore what’s written below. And that can come at a great cost.

If you’re unsure of anything we’ve written here, please contact us as soon as you possibly can.

  • When others think they’re losing money, we know that we don’t realize the loss if we don’t sell.
  • Where others see risk, we see natural and expected volatility (which provides our long-term, much-needed returns).
  • Others think, “This time it’s different”, we know that it may feel different, but it’s never different this time.
  • They predict, forecast, prognosticate and speculate, we have a customized, goal-focused plan to guide us.
  • Others capitulate (and may realize their losses),  unless our life goals and plans change, we stay the course.
  • While others are glued to the “breaking news”, we stay focused on our lives and our plans.
  • They have a market outlook, we have a time-tested investment philosophy.
  • While others may sit in fear and panic, we sit quietly in faith, patience and discipline.
  • While they’re loaded with pessimism, doom and gloom, we’re full of optimism, as it’ the only realism that squares with the historical record.
  • While others focus on what the markets will do in the short run (which is unknowable), we focus on what the markets do in the long run (which is inevitable).
  • While they may believe in market timing, we know that it’s time in the market.
  • While others may see a decline as a permanent loss, we know that any and all declines are always and everywhere temporary.
  • When they’re panicking, we simply shrug and look out the window.
  • They focus on big point swings, if we’re looking at anything at all (beyond our lives and our plans), it’s percentages.
  • While others may feel that “the sky is falling”, we know that “this too shall pass”.
  • While they rely on human nature (their feelings), their friend’s opinions and the shrill of the media, you have us, your trusted and caring advisors with 55+ years of combined experience in your corner, 24/7, 365.