Focus on living your life. Tune out the financial press

The financial media may not be your friend. It seems that nowhere in the media’s business strategy, is there any desire to help make you a successful, long-term, goal-focused investor. Indeed, with the media’s help, you may actually become your own worst enemy. 

We’re not necessarily receiving “the news”. We believe it’s all about ratings and profits. Generally we’re being drenched in hype, speculation, opinion and conjecture. And it seems if the media doesn’t have yet another apocalypse du jour, they’ll make one up. 

In our opinion, financial journalism is an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp and short sleeve dress shirt. We believe that financial journalism is primarily entertainment and don’t take it too seriously.

We suggest you tune out the talking heads. Read a good book. Take a walk in nature. Call a friend. Volunteer. Oxygenate yourself. Be the good news.

We will not rebut or analyze anything driven by the financial media, so please don't ask.

How do you take your coffee?

If you like yours with the financial news of the day, then we probably need to talk. 

We can chat by phone or you can stop in for a visit. The coffee is always fresh and the furniture is pretty darn comfy. You have nothing to lose and you may quite possibly learn something new or clear up something that has been on your mind. The worst you will ever do is leave with a very worthwhile book as a parting gift. 

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