The Big, Over-Arching Questions

We believe that there are two threshold wealth planning questions from which all other important wealth planning questions arise.

1. Will I make it?

Most people can’t even define what “it” is.

“It” refers to specific life goals (buying a home and/or a second home, educating your children and/or grandchildren, be able to retire “on-time”, creating an income in retirement that you cannot outlive, leaving a meaningful legacy, etc.) and funding those goals.

So, it’s understanding where you are now, calculating what you will need to achieve those goals, by when the funds are needed, and exactly what you need to do to get there.

By crafting a written, wealth plan with you, we can help get you there from here.

2. What are my blind spots?

We can’t stop bad things from happening to good people. That said, we can certainly help mitigate the fallout when something goes bump in the night, making a difficult time, a bit easier to handle.

To help you identify those things that need to be locked down and help guide you on how to best do that, we have created an extensive checklist with scores of sub-questions.

Curious about either, or both, of these threshold wealth planning questions (or the scores of specific sub-questions that branch off from them), please contact us.

Meeting with us is free. We won’t ever attempt to “sell” you anything. You are under no obligation what-so-ever. And you just may walk away with a few good ideas.