Who are we best suited for?

We are often asked “Who is your team best suited for?” Through our business process we have made the commitment to collaborate together with interested investors to determine if there is a fit for both parties.

Here is what an ideal fit for both the investor and the SWAN team could look like: (AAA match)

A – alignment

While investment assets are a component of the decision process, our team also accounts for the stage of life investors are at and determines if there is a match.

A – attitude

In many cases, attitude can be more important than the investment assets. Positivity, respect, and trust is something that investors look for in a financial advisor, and we look for it in our clients as well.

A – advocacy

We have developed and refined a referral process based on introductions to family and friends who have seen first-hand how we can help them grow their wealth and financial legacy.

If you feel that we could be a good match, please contact us to set up a meeting.