The right fit for the client

Our mentors in this business always stressed that we must learn to embrace change and target our strengths in ways where our clients appreciate and respect those efforts.

We’ve managed our growth and development by saying at certain times, “We are the wrong fit for someone.” Our self-induced restrictions on our practice’s growth has helped us to get where we are today with a focus on providing the highest level of advisory services in an effort to exceed our clients’ expectations. While those restrictions have been strict at times, we understand the immense time commitment and responsibility it takes to act as a financial advisor for your family. 

We often outline the qualities of a great fitting client – long-term oriented, committed to building wealth, and valuing loyalty, integrity and trust in a relationship. However, it occurred to us that any great relationship has two parts to it and there was another question that needed an answer: Are we the right fit for a prospective client? We hope a more detailed description of the roles we play in our clients’ lives will offer a greater understanding of the counsel and service we provide.

Advanced planner – Risk management is core to our beliefs. With the unpredictability of life and markets, we try to control what we can through legacy planning, charitable giving, education savings, tax advantaged considerations, insurance needs, and long-term financial modeling.

Portfolio manager - We believe in customizing portfolios for the client by selecting appropriate securities for each family’s financial goals, rather than following a “one-size fits all” model. The one constant across portfolios is adherence to our investment philosophy that “a rising income stream creates wealth over the long-term.”

Financial quarterback/coordinator – Financial lives can be complicated and sometimes a bit overwhelming. We make a point to confer with your personal CPA, estate attorney, and other professionals to ensure financial goals and risk management are executed in the most efficient way possible.

Behavioral coach – With over 100 years of combined team experience, we provide best practices through all stages of life and market cycles for any generation of a family.

We are always happy to have a conversation with someone seeking to have these roles in their financial lives filled.