What makes us different

Our philosophy and approach are best aligned with those who believe in the value of advice, embrace a fee-based relationship, and endorse a value-oriented, long-term, disciplined investment style.

Our unique culture of independence at RBC Wealth Management gives The Ross Group the freedom to meticulously tailor a long-term plan based solely on the financial well-being of each client and their specific goals. We are committed to protecting your wealth through financial stewardship. We do not take the trust our clients instill in us lightly; we work every day on your behalf to recognize and overcome the hurdles that financial management may present. Collectively, we have over 75 years of wealth management experience and manage over $400 million of clients’ assets.

Above all, we value a mutual respect with our business relationships, supported by the values of integrity, trust and loyalty.

Client commitment

Knowing you, understanding you, and thinking always of your best interests is our commitment. If we don’t know the whole person, we feel unable to provide comprehensive advice. Our services often times extend beyond what is viewed as traditional, as we are often called upon to help with all types of life events, both those that are planned and those that are unplanned.

Aside from the responsibility of stewarding and managing our clients’ investments, when needed, we also perform the role of a completely present listener and personal confidant. Our only goals are to become the primary trusted advisor for our clients and to support them in meeting their goals.


Who we serve

We believe it is helpful to define the criteria for a great fitting client as well as describe some of the types of problems and goals we can help solve for people. These are some of the key qualities of a like-minded, well-fitting client:

  • Focused on the long-term
  • Favors a disciplined investment style
  • Seeks advice and places a high value on professional services
  • Committed to building and preserving wealth
  • Values the virtues of integrity, trust, and loyalty


The Ross Group compensation

The compensation for our services is through an advisory fee charged to client accounts. This all-encompassing fee is a percentage of each family's assets harbored at RBC.