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Tom McCracken, CPFA®, PPC

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor

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image of Corbin Chevaux

Corbin Chevaux

Senior Financial Associate

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I exist to make a positive difference every day in the lives of my clients; working with them to create greater security, increased confidence, reduced stress, and the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

My values: How I do it

  • My most important investment is in relationships.
  • My clients' goals are my top priority.
  • I know that no two clients are alike, and I treat them that way.
  • I continually educate my clients and advocates.
  • I call it as I see it - with compassion.
  • My focus is on long-term success, measured through shorter-term checkpoints.
  • I am a committed steward who make a practice of service.
  • I work with clients through all stages of life.