Research suggests that the odds of sustaining wealth across generations are as low as 30%. Alarmingly, 60% of wealth transfer failures are caused by the breakdown of communication and trust within the family unit.*  After working with affluent families for over two decades, we've identified several best practices to help you avoid this potentially life-altering tragedy.

Intergenerational Education – from the technical aspects of investing to the responsibilities that come with being a member of the family, we work with members of all ages and experience levels.

Family Governance/Family Meetings – assistance to identify, develop and nurture the family’s intellectual, social and financial capital; facilitate family meetings; resolve conflict; manage transition or set family/business strategy.

Family Business Owner Solutions – helping families to create a succession plan that meets both their personal and business goals including complexities associated with multi-generational business transition.

Inheritance Education – coaching younger or inexperienced family members about the necessary skills, competencies and responsibilities that come with sudden wealth or even the sudden knowledge of wealth.

Philanthropy and Legacy Planning - coordinating a strategic philanthropic plan that minimizes taxes and maximizes benefit to those causes and organizations that are most meaningful to you and your family.

Property/Household Management – bill payment and coordination of vendors for primary and seasonal residences;  “buy vs lease” calculation; product reviews/comparisons for major purchases; “what if” analysis for various scenarios/outcomes; assistance with major significant life events like trips/retreats; and assistance with unique, awkward or delicate situations.

Trust Services

Clients may worry that children informed of the estate plan will feel “entitled” to the wealth, become spoiled, unmotivated and isolated by envious peers. They may worry that children might tell outsiders who would harm the family or that disclosure will trigger conflict, such as sibling rivalry, years before the estate plan is even relevant.

Trusts can be an effective instrument in saving or deferring taxes, protecting assets, avoiding probate and creating a legacy for future generations. By handling trustee interactions for our clients, the Wheelock Investment Group can often improve the quality of services as well as the relationship between beneficiary and trustee. Inefficiencies are minimized, investment results are usually improved, and service fees are often made more competitive.

We work with trustees to see that every component of the portfolio is treated as part of a single, comprehensive wealth management plan. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking, market discipline, and a global approach to help ensure your peace of mind.

The Wheelock Investment Group is a member of RBC Private Wealth, a program that is exclusively designed for clients who hold one million dollars with us and have more than five million dollars of overall net worth. As members of Private Wealth, we are dedicated to addressing the complex financial needs of our most sophisticated clients and their families through relationships, expertise and solutions.


A truly comprehensive wealth management plan requires the skillful collaboration of the successful relationships already at work for our clients.  We coordinate with our clients, their families and their other professional advisors such as attorneys and accountants.


At the core of the Private Wealth process is what we call a Strategic Client Review. The Strategic Client Review is a disciplined approach to reviewing, prioritizing and addressing the 13 wealth management issues that high net worth families commonly face.