Expenses and tax management

We believe professional investment counsel at a fair price is worth more than an opinion from the lowest cost provider. Transaction and asset based expenses are conduits for investment counsel, risk management, financial planning, tax minimization and estate planning. Furthermore, we believe that the purpose of tax planning is not to minimize taxes but to maximize after-tax wealth.

Risk management

While there is no single sure way to make successful investments, at the Wheelock Investment Group, we believe that the only prudent approach is to diversify. And while investment strategies should be adapted as changing conditions warrant, our belief is that success comes from consistently implementing and living with the strategy over a long period of time. The loss of capital is more regrettable than loss of opportunity; hence if we err, we prefer to do so on the side of conservatism.

Equity management

To help minimize risk, accounts should be divided between large and small companies, as well as international and domestic. Clients should be further diversified among "growth" and "value" investment styles. No single stock should represent more than 8% of a portfolio and no industry should constitute more than 30% of an account.

Fixed income management

Because the goal of bonds is capital preservation, it is inappropriate to assume credit risk in search of higher returns. Accordingly, bonds should be rated "BAA" or better. Bond mutual funds are one of the most frequently misunderstood investments. They are generally not recommended. To minimize interest rate risk, a bond portfolio should be structured so that equal amounts mature in successive years (bond ladder). The average maturity should not exceed 10 years.

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