A typical family will work with a banker, three stock brokers, two insurance salesman, an accountant, an attorney and maybe a trust officer or corporate benefit administrator.

Team coordination lies at the heart of our many services. By acting as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, we can make certain that your tactical plans align with your goals and, most importantly, your wishes and desires are emphatically articulated through one clear voice. Our mission is to provide you with solutions that not only address your long-term financial needs, but help create an atmosphere of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Banking and cash management

  • Personal lines of credit at extremely favorable rates, negotiated with the collective financial strength of our clients — 1.67% (as of January, 2015. Interest rate is subject to change)
  • Household bill payment and account reconciliation with easy-to-read summary reports.

Tax management and estate planning

  • Facilitate family wealth-transfer planning sessions with your accountant(s) and attorney(s)
  • Tax efficient portfolio management
  • Maximizing the tax benefit of charitable gifting
  • Coordination of financial data including expense category summary to assist with tax preparation

Comprehensive planning/personal risk management

  • Evaluation of exposure to lifestyle, business and financial assets
  • Personal liability assessment

Account Administration

  • Coordinate and organize all financial documents
  • Synchronize bankers, insurance agents and other financial service providers
  • Produce performance measurement and reporting for evaluation
  • Online access to a secure web site for reviewing portfolio holdings and transactions

Corporate executive and business owner solutions

  • Investment fiduciary services for retirement plans
  • Stock option, employee stock purchase and stock repurchase plans
  • Business Growth Strategy Analysis and Valuation
  • Business Succession Planning/ Family Planning

International wealth management

  • Domestic and International Trust solutions
  • Multi-currency bank services