Cruelty-free investing

Cruelty-free investing is a subcategory of responsible investing that allows investors to make sure their investment portfolio has animal welfare values built into it. From a portfolio free of factoring farming and animal testing to one that includes plant-based food alternatives, investors can customize and tailor their investment approach. Cruelty-free investments do not support, cause, or contribute to animal exploitation and suffering, including the destruction of natural habitats.

This is consistent with the Brown and Klueger Group’s commitment to being caring investors and consumers. We work with our like-minded clients to invest in companies that do not cause or contribute to animal suffering.

How it works

The first step we take with clients is to draft an impact policy statement which is derived from our proprietary impact risk assessment. This assessment is designed to assist us in aligning your investment goals with your personal values.

From there, we will define your overall investment objectives, such as your risk tolerance, time horizon, cash needs and overall financial goals. An investment advisory strategy will be recommended and this will contain an asset allocation, diversified third party asset managers and a detailed WealthPlan.

The Brown & Klueger Group will execute on this advisory strategy which involves constant monitoring of impact issues and the investments. We review your portfolio regularly to review alignment with your cruelty-free goals, overall impact risk assessment and financial objectives.

Next steps

Today, more consumers are making a difference with their dollars. Cruelty-free products and solutions matter. Whether it’s your preference for plant based alternatives or a planet free of animal testing, the trend toward more animal-conscious companies is likely to continue to gain momentum.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please contact us today to learn more or set up a free consultation.

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