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At Nearing & Dallas Wealth Management Group, we are passionate about addressing the sophisticated financial needs of affluent individuals and families across the country.

As a client-focused team built on integrity, intelligence, innovation and dedication, we make every effort to understand your life – where you are, where you want to go and the dynamics that might help or hinder your progress. We bring together what we believe are the most important elements to helping you meet your goals, which we call the five E’s:

  • Education—collected from a wide expanse of financial planning topics with a commitment to ongoing learning
  • Experience—garnered from many different financial markets and client concerns, enabling us to apply what we’ve learned to most situations
  • Expertise—derived from education and experience, which enables us to provide intuition and wisdom to help meet your life’s goals
  • Energy—bred from our enthusiasm for what we do and the satisfaction that comes from helping you, whether directly in the financial realm or in other areas of your life
  • Empathy—borne from the challenges we’ve faced in our own lives and from what our clients have shared with us over the years

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