What we believe

Over the years, we’ve encountered many types of markets and observed the reactions of many types of investors. The wisdom gained from these experiences has helped us formulate and adopt a number of tenets that encourage you to direct your attention to what you can control and focus less on the uncontrollable factors of investing.

We would be happy to elaborate on the importance of each of the points enumerated below:

  • Approach investing as a means to an end
  • Risk and return are inseparably intertwined
  • Planning ahead is paramount
  • Investing is a long-term proposition
  • Avoid significant, irreparable mistakes
  • Asset allocation and subclass diversification are fundamental to success
  • Be cognizant of price
  • Managing biases is essential
  • Be aware of costs
  • Control emotions
  • Good markets tend to conceal mistakes
  • Do not mistake activity for progress
  • Markets are reasonably efficient, but not always in equilibrium
  • Re-balance
  • There is opportunity in volatility

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