A conversation with SB Wealth Strategies

How would you describe the services you provide?
We help affluent individuals and families as well as foundations and endowments develop, implement and monitor investment strategies designed to enhance and protect their wealth.
I would think that wealthy individuals, families, and other entities already have investment advisors, accountants and lawyers who do that? Why would they need you?
It’s true — many high net-worth families and other entities have multiple advisors. Unfortunately, many are missing a point person who will bring it all together — someone who specializes in the business of managing and supervising a person’s wealth, working very closely with the client and other wealth management professionals.
Is that what you mean by wealth management consulting?
Yes — our approach is to understand each one of our client’s objectives in terms of investments, taxation, wealth transfer and so forth, and then develop customized strategies for each of these areas. Once the strategies have been put in place, we help our clients monitor their progress toward meeting their objectives.
Individuals who have created the type of wealth you’re talking about tend to be pretty sharp. Aren’t they able to do this on their own?
You’re absolutely right. Most of our clients are very smart, and that’s why we enjoy working with them. But we have also found that they are so busy, they seldom have the time necessary to focus on the many issues that impact the management of the wealth they have worked so hard to create. That is where we really add value.
What makes you qualified to perform this service for your clients?
Our expertise is focused on helping high net-worth investors design and implement long-term investment strategies. A key element of this is our ability to help our clients identify and select the most appropriate investments, funds and managers — no easy feat when you consider that there are a vast number of money managers in the United States alone.
Why should I choose your team over other advisors who offer similar services?
Perhaps the most compelling reason an affluent investor should work with us is the exceptional level of care and service we provide. This is evidenced by the large number of introductions we receive from satisfied clients. We would say that our knowledge and experience differentiate us from other investment professionals. In addition, our affiliation with RBC Wealth Management allows us to deliver a very broad range of services beyond investment management consulting without the need to sell proprietary product. The resources of our parent company, Royal Bank of Canada, that are available to us include the due diligence process of narrowing the wide array of investments, funds, and managers to those we actually use in our clients’ portfolios.