Endowment care

As a trustee of a cemetery or funeral home, you are tasked with balancing the urgent needs of today with the uncertain demands of tomorrow. You must contend with complex financial and operational challenges that, if managed improperly, can have devastating effects on your organization’s financial future. But it’s not just your organization that is at risk — trustees now face increased regulatory scrutiny, a dramatic rise in fiduciary responsibility, and the potential for personal liability. 

Given these challenges, trustees can benefit from unbiased, trusted financial advice from professionals with experience in the highly-specialized death care industry. 

SB Wealth Strategies (SBWS) has been providing independent investment consulting services to the death care industry for the past two decades. Pat Severo, SBWS’s principal founder, has been a financial advisor for more than thirty years and is actively involved in the Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California (CMAC) and the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA). We understand the operational and regulatory complexities of this industry and we address important issues today to work toward a successful tomorrow. Through this unique combination of industry knowledge and investment experience, we can help your organization construct, implement, and monitor an investment strategy that meets your current and future objectives.

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