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Your goals, our mission

We are excited about your life, and we are passionate about helping you turn dreams about the future into concrete steps for the present. Together, we build a plan that serves as the foundation for key elements of long-term wealth management. We will help you develop clear answers to these vital questions about your future:

  • Retirement – Will I have enough money to retire when and how I want?
  • Income – How will I turn my nest egg into a reliable paycheck in retirement?
  • Health – Can I afford my future healthcare (or that of my aging parents)?
  • Education – Will I be able to provide for my children’s or grandchildren’s education?
  • Security – What will happen to my family or my business if I get hurt badly or die unexpectedly?
  • Confidence – Are my savings safe from inflation, excessive taxes, and investment mistakes?
  • Values – Can I invest in a manner that aligns with my values and still experience market growth?

If you're not satisfied with your current answers to these questions, is it time for a new approach?  Learn about our comprehensive wealth management approach.

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Chris Rogers, AWM, MBA

Managing Director - Financial Advisor, Senior Consulting Group

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Sean Collins

Sean Collins

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus

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Rebecca Stephens, CPWA®, MBA

Vice President - Financial Advisor

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Liz Hawley

Senior Investment Associate


Ryan Roque, APP

Investment Associate